A healthier today, for a prosperous tomorrow!

DLF Foundation has held continuous initiatives to build a healthy and secure future for the lesser privileged sections of the society. Once again, in order to promote health awareness, DLF Foundation organised a day long Mega Health Camp at Chakkarpur and Kanhai. Held in association with HLFPPT (Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust), the camps were organised under the aegis of ‘Merrysilver Clinics’- a joint initiative of HLFPPT and DLF Foundation and witnessed an attendance of over 200 people per camp.

Health awareness is a major cause of concern in the underprivileged section of society. Lack of knowledge about preventive measures and below par health services are issues that need attention. To address “Maternal and Child Health,” the camps had gynaecologists who gave tips to pregnant and lactating women on reproductive health issues, and a paediatrician for newborn and children’s health check-up.

Besides that, a general physician was present for health check-ups and diagnostic services like blood sugar, haemoglobin, cholesterol and blood pressure were also made available at the camps.

Ritesh Sinha, Director-CSR, DLF Ltd., reiterated the Foundation’s commitment to shape up a healthier future and said, “DLF Foundation while running regular OPD services through its PHCs and Wellness clinics, undertakes health camps to augment its reach out while promoting healthy lifestyle alongside. These camps are also one-stop opportunity for the underprivileged who seldom have time to attend to their health owing to their odd working hours and limited earnings. With such good response, DLF Foundation will continue to conduct several such camps in future”

Slightly stepping aside from the health oriented direction of the camps, a reading corner was set up for the kids to promote reading habits at a young age. This initiative while developing awareness regarding good reading habits has also been very engaging for the kids at the camps.

The Foundation also has extended its successful Mobile Medicare health services to Himachal Pradesh. Barotiwala, Jadla, Haripur and Krishangarh are set to receive better healthcare and awareness through dedicated Mobile Medicare Unit.

DLF Foundation made a promise for a healthier tomorrow and with initiatives like these, it looks well on track!